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Mother Birth Mountains

Certified Birth Doula, HypnoBirthing Australia practitioner, Hypno Doula & Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta Encapsulation Services 


-TCM Method $320

-Raw Dehydrated $320

-Tincture $80

Essence $60

-Slithers & Smoothies are an available option for birth Doula Clients only $40

Did you know that the Placenta is a source of irriplacable nutrition containing the beneficial Hormones, Vitamins, Iron stores Stem cells & Minerals that is believed to aid in

- A Quicker healing process

- Restoring the mothers Bloods

- Elevation of pain threshold

- Aid Milk Production

- Avoiding the baby Blues and PND.

- Positive Energy levels

Placenta Capsules, Tincture, homeopathy or Essences are a once in a lifetime chance, as precious as Liquid Gold, for use at different times throughout different stages & transitions in life for the Mother & Baby to whom the placenta belongs. 

Collection Point Options

I personally arrange for the collection of the appropriately stored Placenta with yourself in advance to your birth. Most often once the Placenta is ready to be collected I meet with your Birth Support Person as soon as possible after the birth. I have a range of collection points to choose from to ensure that my services are accesable to the wide spanning area & communities I provide service for. The current options for collection points are as follows,

-Blackheath, for the residents of The Blue Mountains

-Lithgow, for residents of The Central west

-Mount Tomah, for clients from the Hawkesbury Region.

To ensure the quickest possible way to have your processed capsules returned, I personally deliver them back too you or your birth support person via arrangement. This is usually within 24-48 hours from collection.

For those who live at a greater distance Express Postage is an available option for the return of your capsules for convenience. Arrangements are always personalised for individual needs. 

Information on Placenta Encapsulation 

I am a Certified IPEN Placenta Encapsulation Specialist qualified in both Traditional Chinese Medicine Encapsulation, Dehydrated Raw Encapsulation, Tinctures & Essences. I am honoured to be providing woman with a range of options for the use of their own placenta.

The Placenta is believed to provide a range of health benefits as it contains all of a woman's very own specific hormones. Replenishing the body with these is believed to aid in the prevention of the commonly known 3rd day blues which is caused by the hormonal shift that occurs after birth. It is a known traditional remedy that is used by woman for the many beliefs including that it may aid in milk production, speed the healing process, restore energy levels & may aid in the prevention postnatal depression, all due to the range of hormones vitimins & minerals it contains.

Encapsulating the placenta means that woman can consume their placenta conveniently & effortlessly just like taking a vitamin capsule.

I personally collect the Placenta at an arranged time after the birth & have them returned as soon as possible. The processing time is variable but is usually completed within 24 hours.

There are many reasons why woman choose to use their Placenta but aswell as it being believed to be hormone balancing it is also rich in Iron, contains Stem Cells & Human Growth Hormone. Restoring Iron levels promotes cellular renewal which is why it is believed to be aiding in a faster post natal healing process.

The Placenta also contains a range of C & B complex vitamins. Vitamin C is known for being great for the immune system & also aiding in cell renewal, along with being a free radical scavenger & as B vitamins deficiencies are known to be a contributing factor to sufferers of depression it is in restoring these levels that is believed to also contribute to its prevention. Not freezing the placenta prior to encapsulation is important if this factor is an important issue for you.

Placentas are known to be BIG happy inducing Pills due to being a source full of Oxytocin along with other minerals & a range of vitamins. Woman often share with me that they find their capsules & tinctures to be majorly energy boosting! Placenta may also aid in boosting a mothers milk supply if needed due to the milk producing hormones it contains.

The Placenta has many believed benefits including the feeling of being a stress reducer but aswell as capsules, there are also other ways in which the placenta can be used. Some woman opt not to have the processed placenta encapsulated & instead simply use the powder to add to smoothies however I do use small size capsules so that they are easy to consume & so that the amount consumed is easily adjusted & specific to your needs. Capsules come in clearly labeled jars with instructions for usage for the mother of the placenta.

Tinctures are also believed to be hormone balancing & can be used in times of stress, emotional shifts or transition & are believed to be of great benefits for different times throughout a womans life, for example to ease PMS or later on in life during Menopause. Tinctures will be retuned to you at a later date than your capsules as they take 6 weeks to process. Tinctures store well & are made to have a long shelf life. They are taken by drop or by drops simply added to a glass of water however it is also the Tincture that can be used as a Mother for homeopathic remedies. I highly recommend selecting Tincture along with your encapsulation booking so that you don't miss out on the opportunity to have your Tincture made. Once woman have completed all of their capsules they are usually very grateful to have the long shelf life of the tincture to use down the track.

There are two "Methods" that can be used for Encapsulating a Placenta.

Traditional Chinese Methods (T.C.M) includes wrapping the Placenta within its own membranes (membranes are also believed to amplify the benefit of boosting milk supply) & lightly steaming over warming herbs prior to the dehydration process. The herbs do not come in contact with the placenta & I never encapsulate herbs with Placenta. In T.C.M it is believed Placenta augments the qi (Energy) & nourishes the blood. The herbs give the Placenta a warming energy for her internal organs in line with the beliefs that a woman who has birthed should keep even her external extremities warm e.g, not put hands or feet in cold water.

The method of "Raw Encapsulation" involves removing the membranes as without steaming prior to dehydration it is believed to contribute to over supply of breast milk. Raw Encapsulation involves dehydrating the Placenta without lightly steaming first. The capsules still only contain the dry powder of ground down placenta. This method is believed to avoid damaging some of the nutritional value that some believe lightly steaming may.

After dehydration of either method the Placenta is encapsulated into capsules that are sourced from Australia & made from Gelatine. I do have Vegi Caps as an option for vegetarians or for people who may require gluten free, have celiac disease or for people who only eat Halal. Veggie Caps are available upon request & need to be requested on your booking form.

The most common question I am asked is does it smell or can I taste it. The answer is NO. The capsules contain only dried powder placenta. The powder is inside the sealed capsule and can be compared to taking a vitamin pill in capsule form.

The consumption of placenta originated back in the days when midwives would give a slither of the womans own placenta to stop or prevent haemorrhaging from childbirth. In todays medical system quite commonly an injection is used for this. Although in some hospitals this injection is given routinely to encourage a faster birth of the placenta, some woman still prefer to use the traditional method & consume a slither of there own placenta.

Smoothies are also an options for placenta use after birth. A small select piece of the placenta can be added to a blend & used to make a smoothie. Although the Placenta is tasteless, smoothies are made with the nutritional benefits of combination of Berries. I provide options to assist those interested in making themselves smoothies & welcome enquiries however do not provide the service in hospital settings due to equipment being required however I am happy to assist with smoothies at home births due to having immediate access to the birthing mothers kitchen facility & equipment.

Another method that can be used aswell as Encapsulation, Tinctures & Slithers, is Essence. Essence is believed to also be hormone balancing & can be used in times of stress or transition, fatigue or emotional upset, Menopause or PMS.

Tinctures & Essences can be taken by drops added to a glass of water or made to take directly under the tongue. However it is Tinctures only that can also be used to make Homeopathic Remedies. It is Tincture only, that can be stored long term & used later on in a womans life or even used Homoeopathically for the child of the Placenta.

Essences store short term & are based on the belief that they hold the essence of a womans being. Essences work purely on an energetic level & are to be consumed by drops by the mother herself only.

I do believe & feel very strongly that the placenta contains very powerful energetic life forces of a Mother & Baby. Therefor along with my professionally trained routine of preparation of utensils & space which begins prior to its collection, I am extremely respectful & acknowledging of your placenta, of the energy that it contains & of the respect & nurturing care that it requires. I routinely energetically clear my work space & hold that space & time for every individual placenta that I work with to honour the placenta & yourselves. From upon collection, during our travels, throughout the process of working with your placenta & through to the delivery of your capsules, tincture & essence, I am consciously aware of holding beliefs of positive intentions for yourself & for your baby. It is believed especially in Traditional Chinese Medicine, that a placenta can also pick up on energy that may surround it. In experiencing feeling the energetic waves & emotions that a placenta can give first hand, I take this concept very seriously & welcome with a very open heart any blessings, preyers, wishes or affirmations that you may like me to use whilst working with your placenta that you would like your placenta to absorb. I always have a candle lit & sometimes do burn a hand rolled natural incense whist working with placentas. The positive intention I create is through mind & heart awareness, your contribution to create intention is welcomed if you please. Simply let me know in advance to your encapsulation.

Once you have booked in for encapsulation you will be given further instructions for yourself & information for you to print out to provide to your care provider in regards to strict handling & storage procedures that will be required.

If a placenta has not been handled & stored with the appropriate care I unfortunately will not be able to encapsulate. The care providers of my clients, being my clients Obstetricians or Midwifes, have always been completely supportive of my clients who have chosen to encapsulate. Care providers need to be provided with information in advance to your birthing time to ensure that your placenta is cared for appropriately for you at the time of birth & so that it does not disappear along with some standard routine that sometimes occur in hospitals.

I am finding that we are coming back into a time now though in the western world maternal system that it is becoming more of a standard practice after a birth that parents are simply asked " would you like to keep your placenta? " which is, I feel beautiful & respectful of care providers. It simply acknowledges to every individual that they have choice & is respectful acknowledgment that the placenta is recognised differently throughout the world, that it is surrounded by spiritual beliefs, held sacred for many people & serves varying purposes, representations & traditions in different counties, cultures & societies.

Too make your booking for Placenta Encapsulation please contact me. Be sure to include in your message the service you require, what area you are located in & your EDD & I will be in touch to confirm availability & to answer any questions.

With Thanks Casey 

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